Mission Statement

Salutations, friend! My name is Jessica, and I’m the brains of the operation around here at Amazon Queen. I had been waffling around on whether or not I wanted to start a blog for… well years pretty much, and as you can see I finally  pinched my nose, and took the plunge into the world of Beauty Blogging. And here you are with me, wondering what this here venue of blogging goodness is going to be all about, so I might as well give you the rundown.

The title of this blog, “Amazon Queen”, is inspired by my comic book idol and personal hero, Wonder Woman. (Yes, I know technically she’s just the Princess of Themyscira, but we’re going to let that little detail go. I think Diana would forgive me.) To me, Wonder Woman represents truth, justice, strength, kindness, and the insurmountable power of being a woman. I hope to use this blog as a platform to impart those qualities in my reader base, and to teach them that in all of us waits a mighty Amazon Queen, just waiting for us to embrace her.

Here you will find all the things that make me a unique and powerful woman; including beauty advice, product reviews, body positivity, my handmade jewelry, gaming, fashion, and anything else that contributes to who I am. I hope that by sharing my inner Amazon Queen, I can help you get in touch with yours.

So grab your Lasso of Truth ladies, and tell Superman he can take the day off. The Amazon Queen has got it all under control.



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