The First Impression: Petit Vour August 2014

After my breakup with Ipsy, I was left uncertain. Would I find sub love again? Were there even any good subs out there? My heart couldn’t handle another fickle lover, it had already endured too much.

So I turn to you, my dear readers, who will be the audience of my Subscription Love Life journey. You’ll see it all. The drama, the action, the adoration, and the disappointments. Hopefully my experiences with different makeup subscriptions can help you decided which one is right for you.

In my Ipsy-divorce post, I told you that I had signed up for two new subscription services. This is the first of those.


Petit Vour is a $15 monthly vegan and cruelty free subscription that comes in a cute pink box filled with fancy little paper crinkles. The unboxing may not be as important as the products inside, but it did make me feel a bit more glamorous that just opening a pink bubble wrap envelope. I also love how they include a card that gives you a brief profile of the products you received, the companies they came from, and their going retail price. Very nice touch.

Each box contains 4-5 products, either samples or full sized. From the previous boxes I’ve seen online; I’d say there is enough of a mix of skincare, body treats, makeup, and other products like fragrance or nail polish to keep someone who likes diversity in their subs (like me!) perfectly content. The companies they select are unique, and they really do seem to send out a fair portion of full sized products. I got two full sized and two deluxe samples in this box, and I can’t wait to show them off!


First off, let me introduce you to the Mi-Me Grey Label Tangerine Lip Butter (Full sized! $5 value). “Butter” is the perfect description for this beauty treat. It goes on wonderfully smooth, and moisturizes with just enough shine to give your pout character. The balm is infused with a hint of tangerine, provided by essential oil; which is way better than an icky artificial fragrance. In fact, all the ingredients are top-notch as you can see in the image above. I’m truly addicted! One word of warning though, be extra careful to keep this balm out of the heat. It gets melty a bit easier than beeswax based balms. 4/5


Finally, a journey I can go on without leaving my couch! I’m not really a perfume type of lady, so it’s all the more impressive that this Harvey Prince Journey (Sample Spray Vial) has me so hooked! I am in love. Seriously. Let me give you their scent description that came on the gorgeous sample sleeve.

“Hints of spicy Indonesian clove bud trickle in white the deep and intriguing Australian sandalwood transports you to a faraway land. Journey’s relaxing and mystical powers will stir your imagination and reconnect you with your own destiny.”

I don’t know if I’m feeling any of that “reconnecting with my own destiny” business, but this heady and sensual fragrance grew on me so quickly that I’m already almost out! *sniffle* Definitely going to be buying this full sized ASAP! 5/5


Next up is the first big ticket item; a Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Mineral Eye Defining Pencil in Soft Brown (Full Size $18.50 value!). I’ll admit, at first I was bummed about getting a brown eyeliner in my box this month, but then I discovered it was absolute magic for shaping and filling my eyebrows! The color is just perfect, and the formula stick to my brows all day. This pencil has become a beauty staple for me. I misplaced it one morning and spent half an hour tearing apart my bathroom looking for it! I use by drawing an outline around my brows, then powder filling them. It’s really taken my brow game to the next level. 5/5




This was the second big ticket item for the August box; a Brighten Cleansing Mask from Earth Body (Deluxe Sample). As you can see from the image, it comes as a powder so you can mix it and use it as you please. This can be advantageous because it means that preservatives aren’t needed and you can add whatever you want to it! There are instructions for cleansing (adding water), and a mask. The mask suggested calls for coconut oil and agave nectar. I didn’t have agave, so I used local raw honey (Which is not vegan, I know, but I have no ethical issues with sustainable bee keeping). Let me tell you, this stuff is awesome. I saw a difference in my skin immediately. A truly wonderful product. 4/5


Last and amount wise the least, I present the Rose Mira Sweet Coconut Body Butter (Sample). This is a disappointingly tiny amount of product, especially for a body butter. Which is really a shame because I like the product a lot. It smells so yummy, and the moisturizing quality is nothing to shake a stick at. I just wish it came with more. I’ll only get a few uses out if this teeny pot, and that is hardly enough to tell if I’m committed to buying more. Product good, amount bad. 3/5


So far, my experience with Petit Vour has been fantastic! I’ve fallen in love with 3 out of 5 of the products, and the other two were still lovely to try. I am so glad I signed up for this subscription, and the bonus of adding cruelty free products to my stash gives me the warm fuzzies that tend to come with ethical decisions. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with this subscription service.



One response to “The First Impression: Petit Vour August 2014

  1. I really appreciate your thorough review! I’ll be curious to see other upcoming boxes; I’m a subscription service junkie as well, but I must live vicariously through others for the most part!


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