Goodbye Ipsy: August 2014 Glam Bag

As the title would suggest, I chose to cancel my Ipsy subscription. I will disclose the reasons for that at the end of this post, but for now I will simply review the products that came in my glam bag this month.



The bag itself this month was really…. lackluster. All cheap and plastick-y. The pattern was cute, but the material it was constructed from was just awful. If it has been canvas, or material like last month’s bag, it would have been much better, but it was just stiff and lame and cheap. It did arrive in time for me to use it as a pencil case for my classes, so there’s that.

I’m also completely disinterested in the Absolute Balm. I mean, glittery grape flavored lip balm in a tin? I’m going to be saving this to give to someone else who may be interested in it. This product was a complete miss. 0/5

On a good note; I love Dr. Brant’s Pores No More and am impressed with getting such an acclaimed brand from Ipsy. I had  just run out of my foil samples when Ipsy revealed this little gem in their sneak peek. Seriously, I was thrilled. This is my go-to primer. I’d say Ipsy was psychic, but considering the sparkly grape lip-balm, that doesn’t seem likely. This product really helps me cover up the large pores on my nose and chin, and gives me a silky smooth canvas to apply my makeup onto. I would definitely recommend this primer for people with troubled skin, large pores, and an oily complexion. 5/5

The Cali Cosmetics Lotion honestly looks nice, but I have agreed to swap it with a friend for their Kloraine Dry Shampoo. As such, I cannot give it a review. I will say that this is a very tiny sample; especially for a lotion!

Now, the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara is a new product; so I was pretty hyped when I found out I would be getting one. I’m happy to say that it lived up to the hype in my book. I love the formula and lash brush! It’s rich and creamy, with a big, fluffy applicator. Currently, I’m torn between Perversion and Benefit They’re Real. So I just layer them! 5/5

As for the final product, the Coastal Scents shadow sample, I already own their 88 color palette so I will probably be swapping/giving away this sample. Coastal Scents sell a decent quality shadow, but I find it takes some serious priming or foiling to make them show up in bold tones. Their value and versatility is hard to beat though. 3/5

Okay. Now that you all have made it through my last Ipsy review, I’m sure you’re wondering just why exactly it is my last Ipsy review. I will happily give full disclosure, so that people who are considering Ipsy and other subscription services can make informed choices.

I signed up for Ipsy three months ago. Ipsy was my first glimpse into the beauty sub world, and when I signed up it seemed like magic. I was in a bit of a financial pinch at this time in my life, and was thrilled that I could still indulge in cosmetics without breaking the bank. I mean, ten dollars for a bag of makeup? What could be better?!

A lot of things, as it would turn out.

I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy my Ipsy sub while I had it. It’s a great value, and I’ve fallen in love with several of the items I’ve been sent. However, Ipsy is just one sub. And, after researching other options, I discovered that it’s one of the lower quality ones. I read unboxing reviews of other subscription boxes, packed full with goodies that made my heart race. Some of them were significantly more expensive, but others were the same price or just five dollars more. That’s not a huge increase for the jump in quality that I saw in other subscriber’s blog posts.

So I thought about it. and came to the conclusion that Glam Bags, though definitely worth more than ten dollars, were not something I was completely in love with. Some of the items were a bitter disappointment, a few were products I adored; but even more than that the items were just… bland. I canceled without blinking once I figured that out.

If you’ve never done a beauty subscription before, I think Ipsy is a great service to get your feet wet and see if it’s for you. In my honest opinion however, I think Ipsy is mostly hype. Curated by Michelle Phan, and endorsed by other Youtbue celebrities makes for a very appealing draw to their sample stuffed makeup bags. The general consensus though? Underwhelming.

After much deliberation, I decided to subscribe to Petit Vour and Starlooks. I am excited to branch out and try new things, but I do want to take a moment to thank Ipsy for introducing me to the world of beauty subscriptions. It’s been fun, Ipsy. You take care.


5 responses to “Goodbye Ipsy: August 2014 Glam Bag

  1. I love comparing Ipsy bags (I just reviewed mine a few days ago over on but I would love to see a review of one of your new subscription services. Could you say more about these two that you’ve chosen?


    • I am currently working on a review for the August 2014 Petit Vour box that I received a few days ago, but I won’t be receiving my first Starlooks box until next month because their cut-off date is earlier than Petit Vour. I will post the Petit Vour review once I’ve had a chance to evaluate all the products I received. Probably on Monday or Wednesday next week. (Spoiler: I love it!)

      Thanks for asking, and stay tuned. 🙂

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  2. August was my fist month with Ipsy, and I’m disappointed as well. I’m working on review at the moment, and it’s not going to flattering. I actually like the bag, but it’s the only thing that I’m definitely keeping. Which is kind of sad. I’ll give Ipsy a couple of more months though.


    • This month was particularly bad, but I didn’t hate my overall experience. I just decided there were bigger, better subscriptions out there for me to try. Good luck! I hope Ipsy gets their act together. I know a lot of people who canceled because of August.


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