Valentia Even Glow Serum Review

About a week ago I was let in on a Brand Backer campaign that presented me with the opportunity to collaborate with the Valentia Skin Care Team by trying and reviewing their Even Glow Serum.  After eagerly agreeing to participate; I was mailed a full sized bottle of their product to use so that I could formulate an opinion on the serum, and in turn, give them an honest review. I would like to kick things off by thanking both Brand Backer and Valentia for including me on this campaign, and Valentia specifically for their professionalism and generosity. I promise to give a fair and complete analysis of this product, and how it works for me.

Now, on with the review.

Valentia took its name from the Roman goddess of healing, and prides themselves on being a brand that heals and protects skin with naturally derived ingredients; rather than relying on chemically based products that are so common in our modern day beauty routines. I am pleased to tell you, my darling readers, that Valentia’s Serum is paraben and alcohol-free. This serum is packed full of natural treats for your skin, including green tea extract, botanically derived hyaluronic acid, aloe, rosehip seed oil, pink grapefruit essential oil, vitamin E; and to top it all off 20% of this serum is vitamin C, an ingredient renowned for its brightening and cellular regeneration properties. That’s a pretty potent dose!

Plus, Valentia uses no chemical preservatives in their products, and that is a-ok in my book.


Let me start off by talking about the packaging, which is a very important part of product marketing. The design on the box is clean, clear, and attractive. I love the gold detailing, and the placement of the logo. The serum itself is in an apothecary-style amber bottle, with an eyedropper lid. This is the traditional vehicle for higher quality serums. Having a darker bottle helps preserve the integrity of light-sensitive ingredients, and the eyedropper really helps distribute the product without the risk of wasting; which is very important for serums seeing as you only need a little to cover the face and decolletage.

As far as the product itself goes, I would like to mention that as a younger woman I cannot really evaluate the advertised anti-aging properties of the Even Glow Serum. I can tell you that after just a few days of morning and night use I have noticed an evening in my skin tone, and an overall softening of my skin’s texture. I even noticed that my dark circle’s discoloration had toned down a bit! That being one of my foremost skin concerns, I was quite pleased with this little surprise-effect. This serum has also brightened up my complexion quite a bit. Honestly, it kind of freaked me out at first because I thought I was oilier than usual, but no…. just… brighter! It’s difficult to explain. I just have to be more careful with my makeup now or I look shiny because my skin has taken on its own natural dewiness that shows through my CC cream after using this product. Of course, I struggle with shininess, so that is an effect I could do without. I’ve been using a generous dosage both morning and night, so I am going to try switching to a night time only application to see if that helps.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this product. I had always thought serums were a treat that weren’t a necessary part of daily skin care, but Valentia has changed my opinion on that. The Valentia Even Glow Serum is a high quality product with high quality ingredients, and it definitely gave me noticeable results. Though I do love this serum, I think it is definitely intended for an older demographic than mine. The ingredients are more targeted towards anti-aging. For an oily-skinned lass like myself, that’s not my primary skin concern. I will of course be happy to have a preventative product on my shelf, and the nourishing ingredients will certainly be appreciated by my skin, but I still think this product would best serve the needs of beauty-seekers who are 30-something and up.

If you are interested in trying this Anti-Aging Serum for yourself, it can be purchased on Amazon. It is currently being sold at a very reasonable price, and includes free shipping! I definitely give it my stamp of recommendation.

**This is a sponsored post powered by Brand Backer and Valentia Skin Care



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