PINCHme Haul: Tom’s of Maine Deodorant

So, have any of you guys heard of PINCHme? It’s this pretty rad site where about every two weeks you can join an online scramble to lay claim to various samples and get them shipped to right to your doorstep ~for free!~ All they ask in exchange is that you give them your opinion on the product once you try it. And I’m not even talking a full written review. Just some simple point and click “rate me” style stuff. Easy, peasy.  It’s pretty much a first come, first serve kind of deal; but if you’re there when they open the figurative starting gates, you’ve got a decent chance of getting one or two good items.

For the last sampling period, I managed to score a full size Tom’s of Maine deodorant sample, which is pretty rad if you ask me.


Though I’d like to go on having you all convinced that I naturally smell like a radiant goddess who has just taken a stroll through a field of jasmine, I’m afraid I have a terrible confession. I can get pretty potent.

Tragic, I know. So young! So young…

Some ladies are graced with having a very light natural aroma. I am, unfortunately, not one of those ladies. My au naturale scent is just very…. strong. And, on top of that, I am cursed with another terrible ordeal. Most mainstream deodorant brands cause some serious issues for me. I get painful swollen lymph nodes in my underarms from nearly every brand of deodorant that I try.  I’m pretty sure this is the result of all that lovely aluminum that companies like to pack into our deo, because it has been a constant struggle with me for everything except naturally derived deodorants; like LUSH’s solid and powdered ones, and ol’ Tom up there.

Yes, I am pleased to say that this scrumptious lavender deodorant gave me no swelling or pain. I can apply it without fear of adverse reaction, and it doesn’t leave any staining residue to boot.

Bad news? That 24 hour odor protection is a load of crock. Well, maybe not for a “fresher” individual than myself, but I certainly did not get a 24 hour result. I wore this deodorant to work for a double shift, and while it did help keep me from unleashing my full aroma upon my poor co-workers; I was also incredibly grateful that I had a vial of perfume on me to help freshen up. My natural scent just started breaking through, it couldn’t be helped.

Perhaps chemical deodorants have spoiled me. They don’t just keep your scent at bay, after all, they literally replace your smell with their own. Every natural deodorant I’ve ever used I’ve had to apply much more often, but that makes sense seeing that there are no chemical antiperspirants to keep you from sweating in the first place.

I would rather have to reapply a deodorant than deal with swollen lymph nodes, and putting chemicals into my body. All-in-all, I am very pleased with Tom’s of Maine’s deodorant; and will most likely make it a regular hygiene tool in my battle against BO.

I’ll just have to remember to pack it with me whenever I leave the house.




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