“Beach Rhythms” Handmade Necklace


I’ve had this blog up for awhile, so I figured it was about time that I show you guys one of my pieces. This is a completely original 20 gague copper wire-wrapped pendant with a handmade coiled chain. Everything you see, except for the shell in the pendant, was made 100% by me.



Here is a clearer view of the pendant. (Sorry about the cat hair on the display. In my house, it’s inevitable.) The shell was brought to me by a friend from her vacation. I have no idea what type of shell it is, but the second I saw it I knew I had to make it into something. It was just such a beautiful little bauble. I did not drill through the shell in any way, instead I suspended it by wrapping tightly around the base and running the wire along the groove of the shell’s natural spiral until I could finish the pendant off with a modified briolette wrap.





The fastening method is a simple Shepard’s hook clasp; which is a reliable basic technique, and the one I use the most for claps. I used a slightly thicker gauge of wire for this component, an 18 gague if I remember correctly.

coilAnd here is a detail shot of the coils. I formed them with 20 gague wire using roundnose pliers, then I joined each coil with a handmade jump ring. To complete the piece, I coated the copper with jeweler’s wax.

If anyone is interested in purchasing “Beach Rhythms” the asking price is $35, shipping an handling included. Direct all inquires through the contact form in the toolbar.


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