Ipsy July 2014 Glam Bag Review


Another month, another bag. This is only my second glam bag from Ipsy, and I’m still thrilled for the opportunity to try so many new things for a flat fee of $10. I mean, there is usually at least one item in the bag that is easily worth $10 alone. What a steal!

This month’s bag was pretty cute, in my opinion. I saw a lot of people compare it to a pink ravioli, which I think is too precious. The bag is constructed of a waterproof fabric, has an ipsy logo zipper charm, and cute scalloped edges. I took a bit of an issue with the fact that the way the seams were sewn left the scalloped edges raw. You can see in the image that the white on the inside of the material peeks out around the edges. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still pretty happy with the bag overall, but that kind of oversight makes the bag look cheap. Still, with the water resistance, I find it to be a good bag.

Let’s get to the first product in the bag, the Pop Beauty Bronzer in Secret Sunshine. A full size item; worth $10 on it’s own. And just like that, I already got my full money’s worth on this bag. Nice! I’ll admit that I wasn’t incredibly excited about getting a bronzer. I managed to snag the Too Faced Chocolate Soliel from a past Ipsy bag in a makeup trade, so my bronzer needs are pretty much full. This is also a shimmery bronzer, which is used to achieve a “sun kissed” look rather than contour. The color turned out to be very pretty though. I was going to swap it, but after swatching it, I’m going to see what I can do with it. You can see the swatch in the image below on the left. 4/5



The swatch on the right is the new Bare Minerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow in the color Divine Wine; which turned out to be my favorite product in this month’s bag. Bare Minerals advertises the 5 in 1 on the basis of serving 5 different functions (hence the name); long-wear color, priming, brightening, smoothing, and protecting. It does last all day when applied, and I have also used it as a primer and stand alone eyeshadow with great success. I blended the swatch line out around the end to show what it looks like in different intensities. The “brightening” is attributed to a very subtle shimmer that is kind of hard to see in the photo, it does apply very “smoothly”, and the “protect” factor is because the BB Cream Shadow has 15 broad spectrum spf.  All the 5 in 1 shades are from a neutral palette, with Divine Wine being one of the darkest shades.

Though I do love this product, I wish a lighter shade had been sent out. It’s hard to use it effectively as a primer under shadows that are lighter than it, and I prefer more nude shades on my eyes than this. Also, that tube is tiny. You only have to use one swipe to cover a whole eyelid, but I still have no idea if it will last a reasonable amount of time with regular use. 4/5

Next, let’s talk about the Clear Clinic Vanished Clear Spot Treatment. Lots of subscribers seem to get pretty miffed about receiving skincare items in their glam bags. I, for one, am happy to try anything that claims to help get rid of acne. This product certainly works… to an extent. I am a poor unfortunate soul who is prone to getting cystic acne, and I found that this would dry up my break out, but then the pimple would just harden up and sit there for a week or so. Not. Attractive. For tiny little pimples, it works rather well; but the previous issue stacked on top of the fact that it smells like straight up wood varnish kind of puts me off. 3/5

Okay. Now, let me lament about the next item. This Lord & Berry Kajal Stick is a joke. Seriously, look how tiny that is. Considering that there were full sized Elizabeth Mott Tint and Sass bottles; as well as Benefit They’re Real and Pur mini mascaras floating around, I feel pretty ripped off that this was considered fair to send out to anyone over the other items. And it was nothing special at all quality wise. I was kind of impressed with the bold line it produced, until I realized that I had raccoon eyes within 45 minutes! Seriously, my Wet n Wild eyeliner is better than this tiny stick of smudgy disappointment. What a pitiful little consolation item compared to the other possibilities for the July Bag. If you’re going to have multiple items to send out, at least make sure their comparable in quality to the other ones. C’mon, Ipsy! 1/5

Well, now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the final item… Which I can’t really review because I haven’t even opened it. I decided after some deliberation that, since this item is better for people with drier complexions, that I would put it in my makeup swap pile. I am pleased with the quality brand though, and from the reviews I’ve read  the product is good… just not for oily skinned people like myself.

Overall… kind of a meh bag this month Ipsy. However, I am still excited that I got to try out the products. I love the Bare Minerals 5 in 1, the Pop Beauty Bronzer, and the Clear Clinic treatment has its uses. Keeping my fingers crossed that Ipsy will send me a “wow” worthy bag next month.


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