Ecoco Eco Natural Curl n Styling Cocktail Review

Okay, here’s the deal my darling readers. I love my hair. Love it! Washing, treating, and styling my mane has become ritualistic for me over the past few years. If you have hair like mine, then you live in a blessed middle ground of wavy to curly splendor. I think straight hair is beautiful too, but if when it comes down to it; nothing beats the spring of a good curl. At least, not in my humble opinion.

But, like I said, I’m wavy to curly. Aka: only small curls without assistance. Though I certainly don’t mind to rock a wave or soft curl on a lazy day, my true passion is big, voluminous curly locks. You know the ones. They’re spiraled, they bounce every time you even jiggle your head a little, every thing moves in slow motion when you flip them around. I’m talking BIG curls that don’t quit! I am always on the look out for a new product to help me get there and hold them with as little effort as possible. Cremes, gels, sprays, curlers, hot rollers; anything to help me get volume, definition, and glorious spirals. Lucky for me, I’ve struck buried treasure on my quest.


Today, I want to introduce you to my hair’s new best friend; The Ecoco Eco Curl n Styling Cocktail. If I start to sound like I’m raving, it’s because I am. I got this full sized jar from Ecoco for free to give their stuff a try, and man am I impressed! As you all know, I’m always excited to try sulfate, paraben, and alcohol free hair products; and this tub of creamy, hair-styling glory fits that bill just fine. On top of that, this stuff is packed with nourishing oils; including  grapefruit peel, acai, coconut, and argan. Not to mention collagen and amino acids. What a treat!

But, as we all know, results are what really matter when it comes to styling products. So, step right up! See for yourself!


In case you couldn’t tell; before is on the left, after is on the right. But the difference speaks for itself, methinks. I mean, look at that size difference! The definition! I’m swooning over here!

All I did was apply the product to dry hair, making sure to coat everything, and scrunch it up a bit. Then, you just let it dry and work it’s magic!

Don’t be afraid to get generous. The first few times I tried the Eco Cocktail, I didn’t get successful results because I didn’t use enough. You want to distribute it evenly, making sure all your hair has some on it. If you use it right, you will feel like you have too much product in your hair. Fear not! Your locks will drink up all the yummy goodness over the next 15-30 minutes, and your hair will pump up big time.

Final step, do a little vogue strut on the catwalk. (Or down your hallway.)

Ecoco’s product left no flakiness or crunchiness behind. Nothing but touchable, voluminous, defined curls. The Curl n Style Cocktail has become my go-to styling product. And, it’s totally affordable! I’ve seen this size, as well as a larger tub, available at Sally Beauty Supplies for as little as $6 dollars! If you’re still looking for your holy grail curling creme, I recommend going out and picking up one.

*Disclaimer: Now, Ecoco is a product line that is generally targeted towards ethnic hair care; but I can only provide a review that showcases how it affect my hair type. Seeing as I’m as white as Hellman’s mayo, if you are a lady of ebony splendor looking for natural hair product reviews, you may want to find a reviewer that will provide a better match to your own hair type. I personally found the product to be wonderful, moisturizing, nourishing, and effective. And, since Ecoco targets the ethnic hair care market anyway, I’d venture to say it has a good chance of working for you too.


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