Aveda Invati Review (And Free Sample Opportunity!)


Okay, I am by no means an authority on hair care; especially of the high-end variety. When it comes to products for my locks, simplicity in my mantra. I mean, my tried and true method for washing my hair is Dr. Bronners liquid soap with an apple cider vinegar rinse (which is actually way more awesome than it sounds. I’ll do a post on it one of these days.) Maybe throw on a coconut oil deep conditioning treatment once a week if I’m feeling fancy. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, folks. So, when I received this sample set, I almost plopped these tubes right in my swap stash.

Boy, and I glad I didn’t. This stuff right here? It’s the real deal. I’ve never used anything like it before. Seriously, it’s the ultimate in hair care luxury. My hair has been transformed into a silky, gleaming, goddess mane.

The Aveda Invati line is marketed as “solutions for thinning hair”. I don’t have issues with thinning hair, but I still loved these products. I’ve been sodium lauryl sulfate free for over a year now, so the fact that this hair care line is also sans-SLS and paraben free was incredibly exciting. Of course, the lack of SLS means that the shampoo doesn’t lather. This can make it feel like you’re not actually getting enough shampoo in your hair because you can’t tell where it is without suds, but trust me; if you use the same amount you would normally use when you shampoo and work it through your hair well, there will be no issues.

The conditoiner was definitely my favorite of the two though. I like to apply it before shaving and then rinse it out when I’m done so that my locks can really drink up all the goodness. After using it, your hair feels like silk!

When your luxurious shampoo and conditioning treatment is done, the final step is the Invati Scalp Revitalizer (Not pictured above.) This is basically a serum that you massage directly into the scalp. It’s infused with ginger, so you’ll really feel it working. If you don’t feel it tingling, you didn’t apply it enough. (The instructions say 16 squirts, but I think that might be a bit much.) I love how invigorating this product feels; and ginger extract is often recommended to combat thinning hair, so the reasoning behind it is solid. Good stuff.

I am the type of person who will always go for the practical approach when it comes to beauty, but Aveda really impressed me with these samples. Will I change up my whole hair care routine because of these samples? Probably not in the short term. But, am I lusting after those full-sized bottles with all the hair-care-oriented passion in my little heart and soul? Definitely.

Completely enamoring me when I just intended to take your samples and run? That’s good business, Aveda. If you’d like to try out the Invati System, Aveda is still offering a free in-store Invati treatment and sample pack with a haircut or shampoo here. (I also just got the sample pack by presenting the page, so that may works too. Fingers crossed for you guys!)


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