Dr. Hauschka Sample Kit Review



So, about a week ago I received a package from Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, and just take a second to look at this lovely free sample kit they sent me. Admire it. Adore it!

(Did I mention it was free? Because yeah. Totally no charge.)

When I inquired about the brand through their site’s customer service, I was directed to an online skin consultation that would inform me of which Dr. Hauschka products would help bring out the best in my skin. The regimins are highly specialized, with products targeted specifically towards each individual’s skin. After answering a few questions I was given a comprehensive list of products, and informed my email consultant of what I was recommended. Within a few days, this delightful little bundle was at my doorstep!

What I received, from left to right, was their Clarifying Toner (0.34 oz), Cleansing Cream (0.34 oz), and Revitalizing Day Cream (0.17 oz).

Let me go ahead tell you right now… this stuff is incredible. Absolutely amazing! My enlarged, clogged-up pores became just plain ‘ol pores; and my face took on a supple, dewy glow. I have never in my life used a skin care that exhibited such rapid and satisfying results. I’ve received so many compliments on how nice my skin looks! I am certainly planning to make purchases from Dr. Hauschka in the future.

Now, on with the review.

The Dr. Hauchka brand focuses specifically on healing the skin, on your skin’s own terms. Their products make use of botanical ingredients, avoiding harsh additives and instead trying to heal and re-balance you to natural, blissful, epidermal harmony.

I’ll start off with the Cleansing Cream; seeing as it is the first step in this regimen. This cleanser is very different from others I’ve tried. It doesn’t foam at all, which takes some getting used to, but I definitely felt it clean as I used it. The Cleansing Cream also has bits of exfoliating goodness in it; specifically sweet almond seed meal. From what I’ve researched; this ingredient is obtains by salvaging the remaining paste left over from pressing the nut to make sweet almond oil. Most products that use almonds as an exfoliant are too coarse and can cause damage to the skin. In this cleanser, however, the texture is very emollient, not gritty at all. After you mix it with a bit of warm water, massage it over a damp face, and rinse it off with cool water, your skin texture feels absolutely divine.

The toner is meant to be spritzed over the face and then pressed gently into the skin. It is very hydrating and does not at all exhibit the astringent qualities of traditional toners that strip the skin of moisture. The directions even claim that no moisturizer is necessary for the nighttime regimen. (I patted on a few drops of vitamin E oil just for some extra moisture). I found after allowing the toner to settle into my skin, the overall texture of my skin felt wondrously improved. Echinacea is the key botanical in Dr. Hauschka’s Clarifying Toner, and is meant to strengthen and heal blemished skin.

The final step in the Dr. Hauschka Sample Kit I got is the Revitalizing Day Cream.  This product does not bear the same consistency as most moisturizers; I’d say it’s closer to a moisturizing milk than a cream. Patting it onto your skin is a wonderful soothing and hydrating experience; firming and plumping your skin right beneath your fingers. As the title would suggest, it is only recommended for use during your morning routine.

 Overall, I am incredibly impressed with Dr. Hauschka’s products, and their customer service is wonderful. I may run out of toner, but the tubes they sent me will last at least a month. I recommend their products highly.


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